Editing & Production

We have produced programmes for a wide range of clients

Video Editing & Post Production

Where the magic happens!
It really can be magical crafting footage into a finished video, using the comprehensive tools at our disposal means we can shape  and colour the images to make high a quality end product, we take pride in our output and have created video for may large Blue chip companies and SME’s. Based around industry leading edit software Avid Media Composer running the latest version with high specification hardware for quick and accurate editing.

A comfortable and quiet environment.

Our experienced editor can take your project through from your initial ideas to a finished program quickly and effortlessly. We can work in either HD or 4K and for remote clients we upload the progress of edits so you can view the edit anywhere anytime to suit you.

Edit suite screens

The soundtrack
Video is driven by a good audio soundtrack that is why we pay special attention to it and can arrange voice over sessions and music that can be tailored to your needs and budget. You have full control at all times over the creative process and we pride ourselves in offering a fast and efficient environment to get job done on time and on budget!

Included in our suite is Titler Pro4 for animated titles and Photoshop for image work.

Legacy formats
We can ingest from a range of legacy tape and digital assets and re-scale to HD and 4K for best quality.

We can also provide custom animation design as well as Blue or green screen chroma keying.


Once your video has been created we can then provide the finished edit in wide range of file formats, or even on DVD or BluRay or as an embedded file hosted on Vimeo or YouTube

What we’ve done

We have produced program’s for a wide rage of subjects including:

  • Commercials
  • Broadcast
  • Corporate
  • Home

Who we have done it for

  • SONY
  • NIKE
  • MTV
  • Broadcast for ITV – BBC – CH4 – Discovery Channel and many more.
    as well as a host of agencies and smaller companies.

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