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We supply 7″ and 12″ Vinyl Packages including full colour printed labels and covers.vinyl record pressing

Vinyl records are without doubt back and sales are stronger than ever, there is something quite satisfying having a 12″ album placing it on the platter and hearing the needle drop then listening to your favourite music while you browsing the cover artwork. It’s that tangible object that digital downloads just can’t fulfil and why many artists are having vinyl produced being lead by strong consumer demand.

Our vinyl record pressings are manufactured to the highest quality using virgin vinyl – we are your ideal partner guiding you with mastering, pressing, artwork creation and finally fulfillment.

By using DMM technology for creating the master we guarantee the best possible clear sound quality. 12”records will be produced at 120-140 grams but at a surcharge we can also provide you the extra heavy 180 grams quality records. 7” Records will be produced at a standard weight of 42 grams. Standard color for vinyl is black.

Cutting speed at 12” LP’s is 33 RPM yielding a maximum play time of 22 minutes for stereo recordings per side. For optimum sound quality limit the playtime to 22 minutes per side. For a better sound quality you can select 45RPM with a maximum playtime of 10 minutes. 12” Maxi singles can be cut at 33 RPM yielding a maximum playtime of 15 minutes, or can be cut at 45 RPM yielding a maximum playtime of 10 minutes.

Turnaround time of your order is 5 weeks after receiving all the required production parts and payment.

Test pressings Before the actual production start we can produce test pressings for your evaluation of the quality. This will extend the total turnaround time of your order by one week, provided we receive a swift approval on your test pressings.

Colored vinyl  The following colors are always on stock; transparent,white, black/white marbled, yellow , orange, red, blue, green , pink, brown vinyl. All colours are made of transparent basic material , just colours that incl. white in the mixture are not transparent. We cannot guarantee an exact color match but we create a color that is as close as possible to your chosen color. Also during the production run slight color deviations might occur and some records, especially at the start of the production run might have a light marbled effect. The sound quality of colored records may have higher ground noise level when compared to standard black records. The main problem is an increased amount of noise especially in the lead-in and leadout grooves and low modulation parts.

The master We need wave files specially mastered for vinyl. On a vinyl master these points have to be observed:

Mastered on +/- 0dB -no heights above 16 kHz -no negative phasings or phaseturns.

You can supply one wave file per side. In this case we need a track listing with all start and end points of the individual tracks to be able to generate the space grooves between the tracks. Also note that the pauses between the tracks (2-3 sec) have to be included in the file. The file names have to be such that we can identify which file is for the A side and which file is for the B side.

You can also supply one wave file per track. In this case there should be one second of silence at the beginning and the end of each wave file (provided that you want a 2 sec pause between each individual track on the record). If you don’t want pauses between the tracks for example with a live concert the wave files don’t have to contain one sec of silence at the beginning and end of the file. The filenaming need to be such that we can identify the position on the record (A1, A2, A3…..B1, B2…..).

The DMM master The first step in the production process is cutting the DMM masters, one for every side of the record. DMM stands for Direct Metal Master. A DMM master consists of a flat steel plate with a copper coating. In the copper coating the sound grooves will be cut during the mastering process.

Galvanic process From the DMM masters stampers will be produced by using a galvanic process. After the stamper is produced is has to be prepared to fit in the vinyl press. The backside will be polished, a center hole is punched and the edges are trimmed and formed to fit the stamper into the vinyl press.

Vinyl pressing After both stampers are mounted in the mould, the vinyl can be pressed. The vinyl is heated to a temperature of 160 degrees and formed into a biscuit. The labels for both the A side and the B side and the vinyl biscuit are placed into the mould where after the mould closes and the vinyl and labels will be pressed together at a pressure of over 180 tons. After a certain cool down time the mould opens and the record will be taken out of the mould. Finally the excessive vinyl will be trimmed from the edge of the record. After a cooldown time of at least 8 hours the record will be ready for the packaging process. Picture discs are also available.

Packaging The inner sleeve is typically on white paper with holes, but we can also offer the white or black polylined inner sleeve for better protection of your records. Outer sleeves can be the black or white ‘discobag’ with 2 holes, the standard LP cover either black or white or 1-4 colour CMYK printed with 3mm spine for 1 LP or a 5mm spine for 2 LP’s, with or without holes, or a gatefold cover. Standard finishing is with a gloss coating but we can also offer matt coating, UV high gloss coating or inside out printing for a more vintage look of your product. We offer 300g GC1, or 350g GC1 cardboard quality.

If you’re interested in vinyl pressing services – don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at TVV Productions. We would be happy to help with any question you may have and will try to help you as much as we can.

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