Film and Video Transfers

We provide a full range of transfer services making your life easier

We transfer Cine Home Movie Film, Camcorder Videotapes and 35mm Slides and Negatives to a wide range digital formats as well as DVD and BluRay discs.

These formats are now getting old an require transfer to a modern digital format to halt degredation due to the ageing process so thinking about transferring them is wise. We have invested in the latest equipment and are skilled in handling delicate archive film and video, with some film going back to the eary 1930’s. We are trusted by many production companies, archives and individuals with their collections. Please see our fantastic customer reviews!

Cine film including 8mm, Super 8, Pathe 9.5mm, 16mm and super 16 positive and negative film scanning to digital files or discs on our HDS+ scanner in up to 4K resolution including optical or magnetic sound transfer and restoration to improve on the original.

Video tape transfers from a large range of legacy formats both domestic, professional and broadcast, we have the best quality decks for 8mm, Hi8, VHS, Betacam, U-Matic, SVHS, DV and digital 8 formats.

35mm Slides and negatives are scanned using high quality Nikon Scanners and can be output to JPEG or TIFF files in resolutions up to 4,000 dpi.

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