Video Duplication

Providing a high quality, low cost, fast turnaround service for both duplicated and replicated discs

Video & Audio Duplication & Replication Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality disc manufacturing service in the UK, we handle every step of the process from quotation through to ensuring artwork and masters are suitable for manufacturing, making sure all projects are completed on time and within specification packing and fulfilment making the whole process as easy and trouble free as possible.

Clients include many independent music producers, production companies and filmmakers, if you need any disc production in any quantities talk to us we have nearly 20 years experience in disc production.

  • Retail quality fully verified media
  • Permanent photo quality print finish for all volumes
  • Full range of print and packaging options
  • Fulfilment with UK and international dispatch

We also offer both DVD and BluRay authoring with bespoke menu design, and do in-house artwork design service for all media related print and packaging.

So what is the difference between Replication and Duplication?

Replication – Your original master is used to make a glass master from this we produce a set of stampers. Manufacturing copies or clones of the master, using the stampers. A protective coat of lacquer seals the disc which is hardened with ultraviolet light. From here the disks pass through either a Litho (off-set) or silk screen printer. This process starts from volumes of 500 units or more.

Duplication – Your original master is imaged onto a hard disc which is slaved to multiple CD/DVD recorders, the drives then burn the image onto recordable discs, high resolution inkjet printers apply the artwork image to specially coated discs at over 1400dpi, a tough varnish is then applied to the disc and cured with ultraviolet light to protect both the print and data image. This process suits small volumes from 10 to 1,000 units.

However small, large or complex your project is we have the capability, and experience to deliver a fast turnaround, at a high quality for a low cost.

If you’re interested in our video duplication & replication services, contact us today.

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